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Nomoy Pet Anti Scald Mesh (Mesh Guard)

Nomoy Pet Anti Scald Mesh (Mesh Guard)

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Our anti-scald lamp mesh cover is made of high quality iron material with efficient heat dissipation, sturdy and durable, not easily broken.
Reptiles and amphibians are more likely to approach to heat source,our Reptile Heating Lamp Guard can protect your turtles, lizards and other crawling pets from high temperature lamp surface.
The lampshade can be fixed with screws, lid can be opened by pulling coil spring. Compact spring does not affect the appearance and practicality。
Reptile Heating Protecting Shade can be used to hold bulb which height is below 6 inch/16cm. Fit for various heating lamps, such as day lights, night lights, reptile lamps, heating lamp, ceramic light bulb, spotlight, etc.

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